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Student Groups and Collaboration Portal

Product Description

Orbees Student Groups and Collaboration Portal is a self-service application that allows students to manage all aspects of student clubs and organizations such as website creation, membership management, collaboration, communication, and networking.

Orbees Portal is built using Microsoft SharePoint and can be easily customized to meet the unique requirements of your institution.

Key Features

  • Easy Maintenance
    School IT administrators can create and manage hundreds of student organizations portals from a single administration console
  • Customization
    Powered by the Microsoft SharePoint platform, the portal can be customized with stylish templates and web parts
  • Brand Management
    School administrators can administer a look and feel that is consistent with school identity and branding
  • Low Cost Hosted and On Premise Versions
    Priced attractively and available as a hosted or on-premise solution

Benefits to the Institution

  • Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing and Networking
    Share knowledge and contacts with members, officers and other student organizations using file sharing, blogs, wikis, event calendar, contact lists, and web pages
  • Communication
    Communicate activities of the student organization to members, school community, and the general public using blogs, email, event calendar, and web pages
  • Membership Management
    Allow members to sign up for multiple student organizations and pay their dues in one place
  • Website Management
    Create and manage stylish websites easily without any knowledge of HTML programming
  • Role Based Access
    Manage access to the content based on roles; provide both intranet and extranet access to website
  • Knowledge Transfer
    Outgoing office members can archive content, contacts etc. and transfer knowledge to incoming office members

Next Steps

Please email us at highered@orbees.com or call us at +1 510.623.0400 to request for more information or schedule a live demo.