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Client Testimonials

One of the values provided by Orbees to Higher Ed is inherent in its business model that ensures continuity of resources and staff working with the institution. The net effect is the building of strong relationship, institutional knowledge and trust that results in an effective collaboration.
- Chief Technology Officer / Top 20 National University
We have been very happy with the work done by Orbees. They are flexible, easy to work with and completed our application development project within budget and schedule as planned
- Head of Computing Services / a Leading Business School
Orbees worked closely with our team to develop a peer leadership program that measurably improves our students' leadership capabilities. Orbees quickly grasped the concepts of this joint academic and experiential learning project and iteratively developed a comprehensive application with better functionality than we initially planned.
- Executive Director-Institute for Business Innovation / Top 10 Business School
I'm fairly non-technical, but tasking Orbees with website management has been absolutely seamless. It is a pleasure to ask for a website update or web application development, no matter how complex, and receive confirmation of its completion in record time or welcome advice on how to do it even better. Orbees has been fully integrated into the team at our Business School requiring them to work with a variety of contacts, all of whom are as impressed as I am.
- Sr. Director of Marketing & Communications / Leading Business School in U.S.
We have seen direct gifts and indirect gifts come in as a result of donorbadge. The data we get from Facebook is really interesting.
- A Large California Based Public University
The real value of the donorbadge is its flexibility and the fact we can get a good foot in the door of Facebook (and now Twitter) with not a lot of staff effort.
- Several Institutions