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Customer-Centric Delivery Model

Customer-Centric Delivery Model

Orbees offers a flexible onshore-offshore delivery model which brings in significant cost and speed advantages. Our clients appreciate our focus on efficient execution which is achieved by optimal resourcing, ongoing communication and iterative, agile development.

Resource Optimization

Depending on project requirement and client preference, we choose an optimal mix of onshore and offshore resources.

  • Onshore resources interact with the customer on a day-to-day basis and act as the bridge between the customer and the offsite resources
  • Offsite resources focus on project execution and quality assurance

Seamless communication

Our project management style involves continuous reporting to the client and gathering real-time feedback. Clients closely oversee all the aspects of project execution and can proactively suggest changes, if necessary.

Agile Development

Our agile development methodology enables our clients to suggest feature enhancements and design changes on the fly, ultimately resulting in a better final product.