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Value-added Partnerships

We work with IT departments of large and small institutions to develop specific solutions that will best solve their IT needs. Our clients in higher education community trust and value Orbees due to our unique advantages

  • Higher-Ed Expertise

    Expertise in solving problems which are unique to higher education community

  • Value to the client

    Our customer-centric focus means we put clients first. We have never lost a single client till date.

  • Business Continuity

    Dedicated team for each institution provides continuity and business process awareness

  • Structured Delivery

    Well defined processes, end-to-end project visibility, knowledge transfer and thorough documentation

  • Cost-effective

    Cost advantage due to onshore-offshore global delivery model

  • Consistency

    We understand your team's working style and modify ours accordingly. Our code bases and deliverables are consistent, easy to comprehend and reusable.

  • Flexibility

    Project requirements change. New feature requests are unavoidable. Our agile development approach can help us accommodate.

  • Productivity

    Our productivity per hour is high. Our delivery cycles are faster. Deadlines? We don't miss them.

  • Round-the-clock

    Our offshore-onshore delivery model means we are available the moment you want to reach us.

Key Benefits

Whether you are a Senior IT Director at a large university or an IT Applications manager at a small college, here's how Orbees can enable your team:

  • Higher productivity and improved ROI for IT projects
  • Timely delivery of IT applications and services and well within budget
  • Ability to develop applications using latest technologies
  • Cost effective maintenance of legacy applications
  • Enhanced ability to attract and retain IT staff who can focus on innovation and leading edge projects

See how Orbees enabled two large UC system schools increase IT application throughput and successfully launch major cross-campus recreational management application.