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Success Stories

Orbees helps a top 10 business school in the US develop and implement a Peer Leadership Program

Client Challenges:

Top Business schools are constantly innovating to improve the learning experience of students. As a part of one such effort, our client, a top 10 business school wanted to implement a Peer Leadership Program. The business school wanted to leverage technology and offer a convenient tool to their alumni. However, the lack of relevant off-the-shelf SaaS products and the absence of previous successful implementations across other universities/organizations, made it challenging for them to move forward. Further, the need to combine multiple leadership capabilities assessment methodologies while retaining the logical soundness of individual frameworks, increased the complexity of the project.

The client chose Orbees to collaboratively develop a solution as we exclusively focused on higher ed community and previously developed applications for business schools that increased student and alumni engagement.

Orbees Solution:

Orbees quickly understood the key elements of the project and developed a grasp of the underlying frameworks that needs to be leveraged. Here�s how Orbees efficiently delivered the application:

Collaborative Application Design

  • Orbees' team of consultants and developers had brainstorming sessions with the client team regarding functionality, UI and UX and technology stack requirements
  • Orbees used interactive prototypes that would emulate the real-time application to add context to the brainstorming sessions; the team agreed upon a set of features and design, in under two weeks

Agile Development

  • Orbees used Agile Development methodology and delivered working prototypes to the client team; this enabled the school to test the application prospective users, at multiple phases of development
  • The real-time feedback received from user testing was incorporated in the product development

Benefits to the Client:

  • During development, Orbees suggested additional features and tweaked implementation of existing features that increased the overall usability of the application
  • Successful deployment and continued usage for the last five years with no maintenance issues
  • Tangible improvement in students' leadership capabilities
  • Appreciation from faculty and students for providing high-value tools
  • In-time delivery, and successful deployment on the school's ecosystem
  • Significant cost savings due to our Global Delivery Model
Orbees worked closely with our team to develop... (the product name), a peer leadership program that measurably improves our students' leadership capabilities. Orbees quickly grasped the concepts of this joint academic and experiential learning project and iteratively developed a comprehensive application with better functionality than we initially planned.
- Senior Assistant Dean and Executive Director-Institute for Business Innovation / top 10 business school